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Pantry and Office Supply

Image by Tim Gouw
Three Teacups

Office Pantry is a division of YBL International Sdn Bhd. Started out as a small distributor of Mineral Waters to business and site offices around Malaysia, we have grown to service not just our clients but Fortune 500 and Malaysia consumer of about 4 thousands workers across our beautiful multi cultural city.

Our main strength is in our customer relationship, personalized packages, and our assurance on the quality of the products and level of service which draws clients to us, and the building of that rapport and relationship of supply chain trustworthiness.

The reason why we are in this business is because we believe that it is important for companies to look after their workers in providing quality but important food and beverages available in the office pantry. Having an assurance of quality products in the office pantry allows the workforce to be focused on what is important – better efficiency and productivity, and not having to rush out to buy a needed food or beverage. We are dedicated to ensuring that our client’s offices have healthy and quality food & beverages in the office. Thus focus on the core business and important things in their work and their life.

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