Mailroom Management Solution

YBL Corporate Mail Management service is a total mailroom solution that handles your company's daily mails.

Our experience team of people will be placed at your premises to handle all incoming and outgoing mails.

They will screen, receive and record mails from couriers, dispatch and from Post Malaysia for internal circulation and also they will collect, sort and dispatch outgoing mails from every unit of your company. These all are done 3 to 4 times a day.

At YBL we are very particular about Time Management as we want our recipient to receive their mails as soon as possible.

YBL International is managing about 20 mailrooms currently.

Benefits For Using YBL Mailroom Management Solution

  • Reliable, Efficient and Accurate

  • Timely

  • High collecting and delivering frequencies ( upto 4 times a day )

  • Late cut off time for collection of outgoing mails

  • Dispatcher provided

  • Cost Effective

Incoming Mails

  • Collecting mails from Company PO Box from the General Post Office

  • Receiving, screening, recording and sorting mails from couriers, office boys, Pos Malaysia etc.

  • Delivering mails to the correct department and also directly to the recipient

  • Maintain the record of the incoming mails

Outgoing Mails

  • Collecting mails from the respective departments includes ordinary mails, registered mails, courier mails

  • Franking, recording and sorting of mails

  • Recording mails to be collected by couriers or office boys

  • Delivering mails to the Post Office

Added Value Service

  • Dispatch Service

  • Replenish of the franking postage

With YBL's Corporate Mail Management your company needs to provide us the basic logistical necessities such as Mail Room. We will provide the expertise, transportation and manpower.

This service is based on contract whereby your company can decide either to obtain it as a long or short term deal.

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