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Safe Link Mobile Lockers*
Penang/Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya/Johor Bahru

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This solution can reduce the operational and risk costs for the entire industry transporting almost anything inside a locker with the digital lock.

The purpose built vehicle will pick up from the sender place. The sender will place the document or parcel him/herself. Our Ambassador will assist if requested. YBL Safe Link Mobile has installed CCTV and GPS for safety purposes. Liability is given for each unit/use. 

The consignment will be delivered to the receivers within 24 working hours. The receiver will unlock the locker after received having the passcode from the sender. The employee of YBL will not have access to the passcode. Therefore, no outsider touches the packed consignment for hygiene purpose and privacy is assured.


  • Our employee is vetted, vaccinated and versatile

  • "No touch" deliveries

  • Person to person/Door to door

  • Our van is sanitized/disinfected

  • Economical & reduces operational cost by up to 40%​

  • Easy, efficient, reduces time and administrative effort

  • Fast- within 24 working hours

  • Reduces upfront insurance costs with pay-per-use

  • Unlimited weight and sizes up to the locker rented

  • Fixed prices according to the locker size

Examples of Consignments for the Individual

  • Special gifts- birthday, anniversary, wedding, new year

  • Hampers, engraved gifts, notebook, Cuban cigar

  • Credit cards / debit cards (non-negotiable)

  • Personal items like collectibles

  • Irreplaceable documents, wills, trusts, certificates, agreements, books, keys, MyKad, membership cards

  • Well packed original local food from famous hawkers and fruits

  • Golf Set

Examples of Consignments for the Corporates

  • Reports & Financial Data

  • Share Certificates

  • Mails including confidential mails like Appointment Letters

  • IT Equipment

  • Hampers

  • Credit Cards/debit cards (Non negotiable)

  • Critical Spare Parts


*Launch Dates To Be Advised

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