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Corporate Concierge Service

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Concierge Service

The integration of the concierge services into businesses and organizations is beneficial to all everyone.

  • For the organization’s management or a business owner, there’s an assurance of total dedication and concentration on its employee whose little errands and personal run-arounds are taking care of. This generally improves employee efficiency and productivity, which helps the organization’s staff retention and productivity.

  • For an employee, concierge services mean a whole lot than just the ease of stress. It also provides oneself with the peace of mind and ample joy on the job, alongside a sense of fulfillment not only on their business or organizational duties but also the fulfillment as an individual looking up for help which indirectly shapes the business accurate image through its response.

The YBL International Concierge is a market leader in providing global client concierge and related services. We provide exclusive personal and corporate shopping either direct or indirect purchases and source from cheap to expensive/luxury items.

Whether you are an exclusive private client looking for assistance in your busy life or a corporate member looking for a unique staff benefit, you have come to the right place. From access to corporate shopping or private, sourcing of exclusive products, we have it all covered. Our friendly, highly skilled and pro-active team are hand-picked from the industry and are available 24/7 for all your requests.

We believe in quality over quantity and our consistency keeps the clients loyal.

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